Billitz GmbH

Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor / Advisor

Our Services:

  • External Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors
  • Transport Documents for All Modes of Transport

1. External Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors

Immerse yourself in the world of expertise with our certified dangerous goods specialists. Billitz GmbH stands for masterful support in coping with your legal obligations in the field of dangerous goods. Our clients appreciate not only our unparalleled professionalism, but also our prompt and reliable approach. We are committed to an intensive partnership to dive deep into your individual needs and provide you with tailor-made, first-class support.

For detailed information about dangerous goods, our eloquent experts are available to you:

[email protected]

+43(0)2230 71166 Р300 

2. Dangerous goods advice for all modes of transport

3. Transport Documents for All Modes of Transport

We are also happy to help you with the preparation of the following documents:

  • Transport documents in accordance with ADR/RID/ADN
  • IMO declarations according to IMDG Code
  • Shipper’s Declaration (DGD) according to ICAO/IATA

4. Instruction / Training

Tailor-made training offers:

According to your specific area of responsibility, we create tailor-made training materials to train your staff precisely according to your needs.

Recent trainings with us included:

  • Employee training in accordance with 1.3 ADR including certification
  • Expert instruction according to 3.4 ADR “Limited Quantity” and 3.5 ADR “Exempt quantity”
  • Specialized training for loading and unloading personnel in accordance with 7.5 ADR, including the provision of checklists

Contact us today to receive a training quote tailored to your needs.

5. Shipment Completion / Packaging / Labeling of Dangerous Goods

In our diverse range of services for the completion, packaging, and labeling of dangerous goods, we offer specialized services including:

  • Shipment Completion:
    Our promise is to guarantee that your dangerous goods shipments are complete and ready for transport. We carry out a detailed check of the shipment details and prepare everything for safe and compliant transport.
  • Packaging:
    Prioritizing the safety of your goods, we utilize specialized packaging materials and techniques to provide protection and stability during transit. Our packaging solutions meet the highest safety standards and are custom-tailored for your specific dangerous goods.
  • Identification of Dangerous Goods:
    We place significant emphasis on legally compliant and precise labeling, meeting the unique requirements of your dangerous goods. Our labels are clear, correct, and always in line with the latest legal regulations, ensuring safe transport and smooth handling.

6. Other services

e.g.: Support with official matters