Billitz GmbH

International Disposition


International Transport Organisation of All Modes of Transport

For over half a century, BILLITZ GmbH has been a key player in the international transportation of explosives, fireworks, weapons, ammunition, and military goods via land, sea, and air. Our dispatching department expertly plans and organizes your goods’ transport, focusing on appropriate transport methods and efficient routing. Our offer includes:

Land transport
Reliable solutions for road and rail transport.

Air freight
Safe and fast transport of your goods by air.

Sea freight
Wide range of options for maritime transport.



At Billitz GmbH, our focus is on the conscientious preparation of all necessary transport documents for your international freight ‚Äď this includes everything from bills of lading to customs papers and export documents. With their extensive experience, our experts ensure that all documentation processes are handled precisely and on time to ensure that your transports run smoothly.

Our range of services includes:

  • Accurate preparation of all required transport documents
  • Careful processing of bills of lading, customs and export documents
  • On-time and efficient handling of all documentation processes


Customs clearance

Our scheduling department focuses on the precise handling of customs processes, with a focus on the following services:

  • Preparation of customs documents:
    Careful and accurate preparation of all necessary customs documents for your shipments.
  • Carrying out customs controls:
    Effectively handle customs controls and audits to avoid delays and ensure compliance.
  • Payment of customs duties:
    Reliable and timely payment of all applicable customs duties and taxes.

Our commitment is to lay the foundation for the smooth and efficient transport of your goods with precision and care in the handling of all customs formalities ‚Äď a commitment that we fulfill anew with every order.



We prioritize dynamic and efficient communication with an extensive network of partners, ranging from freight forwarders and transport companies to government authorities and our clients. Our objective is to foster and ensure smooth collaboration among all involved parties through well-coordinated and transparent communication. This commitment to clear and effective communication is fundamental, ensuring that every interaction and transaction is handled proficiently, thus paving the way for productive and harmonious business relationships.



Our logistics and transport management team delivers premier consulting services. Leveraging our extensive expertise and custom-tailored strategies, we assist businesses in enhancing and evolving their transport and logistics operations. This is achieved by offering profound insights and formulating cutting-edge solutions, ensuring that each company’s unique logistics needs are met with innovative and effective approaches.

Our team for international transport handling

Our committed scheduling team collaborates closely with all involved parties, ensuring that our customers consistently receive dependable service. We take great pride in our seasoned team, renowned for their skill in planning and organizing transports with utmost efficiency. This level of dedication and expertise underlines our commitment to providing top-notch logistics solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.