Billitz GmbH

Value Added Services

1. Picking / Packing / Repacking / Marking / Labeling / Palletizing / Foiling etc.

From picking to dispatch completion

At Billitz GmbH, we offer you a comprehensive service that includes professional picking, packing, repacking, marking, labeling, palletizing and foiling of your goods. Our focus is on maintaining the highest quality standards and efficient implementation in order to save you not only time, but also costs.

2. 2. Dangerous Goods Label / Dangerous Goods Placards

As seasoned experts in managing hazardous materials, we provide a full spectrum of services for the professional labeling and marking of your dangerous goods shipments. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure your goods are accurately and clearly marked, adhering strictly to the most current legal standards. This rigorous approach guarantees compliance and upholds the highest levels of safety, ensuring that your shipments are handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

3. Individual service offers according to your needs

We recognize that every customer has their own unique needs and requirements. That’s why we focus on offering services specifically tailored to meet these individual needs. Whether it’s executing transport logistics or optimizing warehouse operations, our team, endowed with extensive experience and deep expertise, is committed to providing you with the finest solutions. Our dedication is to ensure that each aspect of our service is perfectly aligned with your unique logistical requirements.