1900 to 1950

From Trieste to Central Europe: The Growth and Expansion of BILLITZ Since 1900

The BILLITZ company has been in existence since the early 20th century, focusing on the transportation of goods. Originally based solely in Trieste, Italy, over time the business expanded, eventually growing into Central Europe, particularly Austria. During the interwar period, the company’s emphasis was primarily on shipping, establishing profitable connections with the Austrian steel industry’s fireworks sector, and acting as a forwarder for major Austrian paper mills.

1950 to August 2000

BILLITZ since 1950: Expansion, citrus fruit and hazardous goods logistics

In the early 1950s, a new office was established in Vienna. The following years saw BILLITZ increasingly focus on the citrus fruit sector, taking over sales management for the Austrian, German, and Swiss markets, while also functioning as an air, rail, and road freight forwarder. From the early 1960s to the early 90s, BILLITZ maintained a relationship with Czechoslovakia, using the Port of Trieste to handle large quantities of various goods in packages and containers. Since 1998, the company has been based in Vienna as “BILLITZ GmbH”, specializing and focusing on dangerous goods logistics and consulting.

2000 to August 2007

BILLITZ since 2000: Focus on inland shipping, combined transport and comprehensive dangerous goods logistic

Starting in 2000, in addition to rail freight transport, BILLITZ began focusing more on inland waterway transport and combined traffic. This required precise coordination throughout the entire logistics chain. In dangerous goods transport, the company offers a complete 5-point package to its clients, not just transport and logistics execution. This package includes key criteria such as training, dangerous goods officer services, transport, logistics, and an ADR emergency service.

from 2019

Fracht FWO GmbH Acquires BILLITZ: Paving the Way for Globalization and Agglomeration Benefits Since 2019

In a significant move in 2019, “Fracht FWO GmbH”, an Austrian subsidiary of the Swiss traditional company “Fracht AG”, acquired 100% of the shares in BILLITZ GmbH. This strategic acquisition was aimed at enhancing the global reach of BILLITZ GmbH, which until then had operated primarily within Austria and Hungary. The goal is to extend its services on a global scale, thereby expanding its customer base. The acquisition has not only created new competitive edges for both entities but has also broadly benefited our clients and partners. The shared location in Gallbrunn between Fracht FWO GmbH and BILLITZ GmbH exemplifies the agglomeration advantages, fostering collaboration and streamlined operations.